Logical Arts was started in 2001 as an Internet Technology Consultant group and has grown into technology markets such as Real Estate Web Site Management, Server Hosting, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, and Web Portal hosting.

Server Hosting

Our highly experienced technical staff provide top-notch support for our server hosting clients. We specialize in Linux servers and offer both Scalable Private Servers (SPS) and Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Realtor Website Management

Our real estate agent websites were the first products we offered. This division has grown as our clients spread their enthusiasm for our products with others. With our referral bonus plan, our clients are able to both feel good about sending new customers our way, and at the same time receiving outstanding compensation for their good will.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing has become a very competitive industry. Logical Arts has worked hard at keeping up with industry trends, researching possible marketing venues, and monitoring fraudulent marketing tactics. The combination of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Ad-based income generation allow Logical Arts to diversify our offerings to our customers, as well as improve our own bottom line.


Everyone knows what e-commerce is, but many who could benefit from this sales channel are overwhelmed by the options and decisions regarding an online market presence. ImageLogical Arts has created an e-commerce marketplace program for small business owners which allows them to pool their resources together in a cooperative fashion to increase sales, lower costs, and improve customer communication.

Logical Arts is also a provider of Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing. This partnership allows us to implement new clients quickly, and provide them with a turn-key solution for their e-commerce site.

Web Portals

The web hosting market has seen very explosive growth, and with it has come some very questionable marketing programs aimed at hosting customers. While some of the new programs are legitimate, many are not; they only intend to generate short-term revenue for their company.

Logical Arts works closely with the hosting community to ensure a safe and effective environment to educate their clients, lower their workload, and improve customer communications through the use of web portals. We have implemented web portals that allows our clients to manage their company information, their leads, and their time.