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Welcome To Logical Arts

Credit Card Processing Services

Now Includes Quickbooks Integration! We provide retailers and internet based companies with a full line of credit card processing services.

Retail Credit Card Processing

This type is good for retail businesses that require a swipe terminal.

Internet Credit Card Processing

This type of account is good for any company that needs to integrate credit card processing into their web site shopping cart, service professionals, and any others that need a virtual terminal to process credit card payments from their customers. This type does not require a swipe terminal.


We provide managed servers which are housed in large data centers with redundant power, hardware and connectivity. Our current offerings include:

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
Scalable Dedicated Servers (SDS)
All of our plans are fully-managed which means we take care of everything for you.

Business Web Hosting

We provide stable and flexible frameworks for business web sites. We offer many hosting options for the business customer including:

Web Hosting
Custom Site Design
Blog Hosting
Content Management Systems
Document Management Systems

Custom Web Development

Logical Arts can provide expert web development for any project you have incuding:

Custom database design
Web application development
Graphic design
User Inteface Design

Open Source Development

Logical Arts is a member of the open-source software development community. We have developed several open-source products, including OpenDocMan, a document management application written to be ISO standards compliant. Logical Arts always evaluates open-source products first when looking for a solution for our clients. Not only does this keep the costs of implementation low, but also allows us to participate in the development of the product chosen.

Real Estate Technology

We are experts in real estate technology solutions for agents and brokers. We can provide consulting and sales of technology products specific to real estate including:

Custom Graphic Design
IDX/MLS Integration
Toll-Free Phone Systems
Email Marketing Campaigns
Print Media
Desktop Support
Search Engine Optimization

For more information on our real estate products visit .